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Whenever you need to move products and materials beyond the lower 48 states and the ten Canadian provinces, call Voyager Express. Our one-invoice, single-source services deliver everything you need for convenient, reliable, on-time shipping to the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Voyager Express has the capacity to satisfy all of our customers truckload and intermodal needs. With a history of over 12 years as a leader in the truckload industry, Voyager Express delivers superior service at competitive prices.

Voyager Express specializes in the integration of all functions across the supply chain, from sourcing of raw materials, through product manufacturing, to the distribution of finished goods.

Top-tier companies around the country look to Voyager Express for innovative solutions that help plan business strategies, improve customer service, accelerate order-cycle times, and tighten control of the supply chain—all while reducing costs in transportation, inventory and order fulfillment.

In North America, Voyager Express offers warehousing, transportation management, supply chain consulting and value-added services.

Voyager Express delivers value to our customers through a unique set of features that benefit their unique shipping needs.

Much more than a new name and logo, the rebranding of Voyager Express signals our intent to focus on our core business, helping truckload shippers throughout North America increase the dependability and reliability of their supply chains. Today, we remain true to our dedication to safety and service.


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