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From driver to dispatch to delivery, Sunburst Truck Lines has built its business by providing superior service throughout the shipping process. Our dispatchers are professional and courteous, employing an efficient dispatch process overseen by knowledgeable and disciplined staff. Our drivers are the best in the business – owner/operators committed to safety and efficiency. Together, we work to put your needs above our own and provide the best service available.

We believe that a strong emphasis on safety is the best way to serve our customers and care for our drivers. Safety is a cornerstone of our operation. Our devotion to a culture of safety has boosted the development and success of our fleet of Owners/Operators, allowing for the genuine values of each operator to constructively impact productivity.

Sunburst Truck Lines fosters a driver-friendly culture focused on building career-long relationships with the best drivers in the business. As a result, our customers can expect the highest standards for safety, reliability, and professionalism from a Sunburst driver. Our brand of driver-friendly culture promotes a strong emphasis on family and personal safety. In addition, Sunburst strives to connect quality drivers with responsible contractors who understand the benefits of ownership and the advantages of partnership. Sunburst understands that a safe, fair, and profitable work environment is great for all drivers, and we will never stop reinforcing the bonds that have helped us build one of the finest fleets in Houston.

Sunburst Truck Lines invests in the most up-to-date technology to ensure a smooth process from order to delivery. When you ship with Sunburst you can rest easy knowing exactly where your cargo is at any time, and when it will be safely delivered. Our commitment to technology provides our customers and drivers with a safe and secure transportation experience.


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