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Our dedication and passion to safety is unmatched in the transportation industry. Our investment in technology and training for our personnel resulted in our winning the Truckload Carrier’s Association Grand Prize for safest fleet in 2007, as well as placing first in our division in 2008.

We utilize the latest and newest equipment with the average age of our Over the Road (OTR) fleet under two years old. All equipment is spec’d with front disc brakes, Collision Avoidance Radar systems (Bendix Wingman), Lane Departure Warning Systems (LDW), as well as Electronic Stability Control (ESP) and tire pressure monitoring systems. We are very selective in hiring drivers and only hire less than 10% of those that apply; we choose the best to be the best. In addition, we are one of the few fleets in the country that exceeds the DOT drug testing standard and utilize both the current DOT testing standard as well as Hair Follicle Testing. Our people are committed to safety as a daily part of our business.

When the Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) reviewed members’ safety records in 2008, Stagecoach once again stood out as the leading “for-hire” carrier with our first place safety award. It is a distinction for superior safety corroborated by other safety awards and consistently good DOT (Department of Transportation) SafeStat scores.

The very same commitment and passion that fuels our drive for safety excellence in our truckload operations is also evident in our warehousing operations. Our award winning safety department is in all facilities on a regular basis reviewing all operations and ensuring the highest safety standards for our employees, facilities and customers’ merchandise.

For our customers, that industry-leading safety record means first and foremost that their shipments and merchandise are safe. With Stagecoach, they can expect less damage and loss. It also means more timely service.

For our truckload customers, not only are Stagecoach trucks less likely to be delayed because of an accident, but our safety and regulatory compliance record also gives our trucks preferential treatment at weigh stations and check points – moving them through and onto your destinations more quickly.

Finally, Stagecoach’s safety record is important to you because it is directly related to other values you seek in a carrier, public warehouse and business partner – responsibility, courtesy, commitment, professionalism and a passion for safe operations.


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