Sojourner Trucking Inc


We have 48” or 53” long flatbeds. Our equipment is ideal for hauling lumber, pallet freight, steel and other construction material. This includes items that are bulky, oversized or oddly shaped like large machinery, lumber, equipment, oil and gas items and containers.

Sojourner Trucking offers a 53’ long dry van with swing doors. All vans have 3-track used with straps or load bars. Most receivers are “no touch” unloading for drivers.

Dry vans are great for consuming packaged goods and products like clothing, furniture, electronics, household goods, non-perishables and more.

Sojourner Trucking has many heavy haul options. If you have a product that needs moving, Sojourner Trucking has a solution! RGN (Removable Goose Neck) trailers are dedicated for specialized products. We also haul construction equipment and transformers.

Tankers are dedicated for customer transformer oil only. We have compartmented, smooth bore and baffled tankers. All tankers are provided with hoses, pumps and fittings to offload the oil.


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