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Shark Trucking joined the Texas freight transportation industry in 1993 as a company with only two commercial vehicles. However, it was slowly expanded over the years into a multi-tasking logistics corporation with over 60 units in operation. To give a glimpse into the scope and scale of our trucking business, in 2008 we moved over 10,000 loads and nearly 500 million pounds of freight. However, outside of our different trucking services, we also strive to provide excellent customer service every single day.

Shark Trucking’s highest priority is creating a safe, secure workplace for our most important asset: our team members. In addition to employing drivers in and around Houston, TX headquarters, we provide several different benefits to the individuals who work hard for us. Our truck drivers spend every weekend at home in their own beds and receive full benefits, including $1,000 every six months for vacation time.

Our trucking business gives Texas clients everything they need to transport products and shipments from one area to another. Shark Trucking’s services are available in the form of:

  • Full-service flatbed transportation
  • Local jobsite deliveries with onboard forklifts
  • Catching and carthage services from Port of Houston
  • Short-term and long-term cargo storage or handling
  • Pipe yard services
  • And more!

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