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We want to provide each of our customers the best possible service and fill their needs no matter where in the continental United States or Canada their freight needs to go.

SFO Express sets themselves apart from their competition by filling shipping needs using all of their own equipment. You never have to worry about whether your shipping company will have the trucks available to provide your service because we own all of our own ground transportation equipment..

SFO Express has found the way to make large package shipments not only cost effective but simple. Our highly-trained logistics experts and customer service experts are here to help make sure that your time-definite freight gets where it is going when it is supposed to be there.

SFO Express offices are conveniently located. We have offices in Chicago, IL, Sacramento, CA and of course our main office has been located in South San Francisco since 1998. No matter where in the continental United States or Canada you need help with grand transportation logistics, we are here to provide you world-class service and the best prices for all of your time-critical shipping needs.

Contact us for information about your delivery needs and let us show you what makes SFO Express the best company for your logistics needs.


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