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Polyak Trucking is a family-owned and operated business based in Wisconsin and serving the Midwest. We also have the capacity to deliver cargo throughout the country. Since 1964, Polyak Trucking has been a trusted transportation company that strives to build a long-term relationship with every client through high quality care.

Polyak Trucking has been family owned and committed to every one of your deliveries since its inception. With the recent retirement of Michael Polyak, his daughter Pamela Polyak has taken the helm seamlessly to meet your needs. In addition, our experienced management team maintains a professional yet family-oriented feel to this growing company. Thanks to Michael and Pamela’s detailed leadership, Polyak Trucking now includes more than 40 employees with over 35 drivers and owner-operators as well as 30 tractors. Having such an extensive staff enables us to make your distribution objectives a reality.

As experts in the trucking industry, we can meet any challenge as well as be your advocate on and off the road, protecting your cargo at every turn. Our family attitude means we take your needs personally and provide detailed customer care for any concern that may arise. Because developing a trust matters so much to our trucking family, we’re always looking out for you.

Our family outlook influences every aspect of Polyak Trucking, which includes the way we price our services. We realize budgets can be tight, even when cargo has to be delivered by a set deadline. So we structure our pricing around your bottom line. Work with us and we’ll figure out a competitive cost that meets your needs.

Whether you have a one-time job on a limited budget or dedicated freight, you can expect the best customer service and detailed care. We value every customer and go out of our way for each shipment. If our own resources can’t handle the distribution requirements, our Polyak Logistics side has access to a wider network of qualified, IDOT-approved trucking companies that can complete the work. We’ll take care of all of the details from start to finish. Polyak Trucking is committed to serving you and your distribution demands at every stage of the process.


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