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MSL is a logistics solutions provider that helps optimize client supply chains. We do this by delivering on Value, Timing, Efficiency, and Accuracy for each and every client. Our team has decades of combined experience we leverage into successful client outcomes that eliminate risk and exceed expectations. We work with every client as a trusted partner to understand what’s needed and how we can make it happen.

In 2003 MSL Packaging & Fulfillment established itself as a logistics-focused, turnkey contract packaging company that delivers successful outcomes on-time, every time—even in the most demanding and time-sensitive environments. Specializing in labor-intensive assembly and contract packaging have been core competencies from the start, supported by a client-centered commitment to superior inventory management and logistics support.

The MSL team is composed of professionals who fully grasp the complexity of assembly services, the importance of accurate inventory management, and the need for optimal efficiency logistical coordination. Our combined decades of knowledge and expertise is what closes the gap between distribution services and contract packaging to streamline the supply chain seamlessly integrate all the primary managed components.

Our corporate culture is one focused on leveraging key relationships and deep expertise to achieve logistical excellence and unfailing reliability in all we do.


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