Marian Shipping LLC


Marian Shipping offers logistics consulting services specializing in general break bulk and steel products. We can handle your cargo from the point of purchase through final delivery. We can arrange ocean transport, stevedoring, trucking, barging, rail and inland warehousing if required. Working with Marian Shipping affords you the benefit of a committed team equipped with local knowledge and a partner whose attention to detail results in measurable cost savings and efficiencies.  From its inception, Marian Shipping has earned the trust and support from its maritime vendors.  


With over 25 years of experience importing and exporting break bulk and steel commodities, Marian Shipping understands the intricacies involved. Each commodity requires a different set of measures for successful transport and handling just as each port has distinct advantages and possibly disadvantages. Marian Shipping provides regional insight to its clients saving them both time and money.  With our commitment to efficient logistics transportation our clients are able to reduce cost while maintaining quality. Furthermore, partnering with Marian Shipping offers the advantage of single point contact. Instead of coordinating with multiple agencies, Marian Shipping becomes the focal point, simplifying the supply chain and saving time and effort for our clients.  


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