Nearly two decades ago, Victor Garcia set out with a single truck and trailer to offer his services to a few freight customers out of his southern Florida office. He has grown up around the trucking business. His brother, Pedro Garcia has worked his whole life in the trucking industry, both as a trucker and mechanic. In 1998 Victor was determined to build a successful business while staying true and honest to moral values.Today Victor Garcia serves as president of Kaneca, Inc. and the company he started has expanded into a sprawling new headquarters with a full staff of employees and a whole fleet of trucks, trailers and forklifts. We serve flatbed trucking customers throughout the United States. But while this impressive success has changed the outward appearance of our company one thing hasn’t change: today every person at Kaneca, Inc. remains committed to Victor Garcia’s same high standards of treating every customer and every employee fair and honest.

With 50 tractor-trailers running throughout the United States, Kaneca, Inc. is one of the largest flatbed carriers with self-unload capability. We haul every kind of flatbed freight, from all classes of building materials and steel products to machinery and everything in between. Kaneca, Inc. unmatched assets and highly trained drivers ensure that every load gets to its destination on-time and claim free. Kaneca experience in the flatbed shipping industry can assist you in making informed decisions that will not only get your freight from A to B, but maximize your efficiency


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