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J.L. Rothrock Inc. is a premier Intermodal and Truckload carrier serving the Southeastern United States. Known for over 75 years as “The Dependable Motor Carrier”, J.L. Rothrock Inc. combines its long term freight moving experience with key terminal locations and current technology to keep our customers up to date and their shipments intact and on time as economically as possible. In fact, if your company currently contracts with a reputable transportation logistics firm in order to provide cost effective solutions to your shipping needs within our core service area – then chances are that firm looks to J.L. Rothrock Inc. for those solutions.

Obviously, the fastest way to transport and distribute cargo is not always the cheapest way. Likewise, schedules that look good on paper to the novice transportation company can very often produce disappointing and sometimes disastrous results. Corporations that contract directly with J.L. Rothrock Inc. enjoy the benefits of our knowledgeable staff working with them to put together the proper balance of cost vs. transport time for their product to get where it needs to be – when it needs to be there.

When it comes to scheduling Intermodal rail / tractor-trailer shipments of goods, our years of expertise and contacts in the field put us in a unique position of not having to ask whether a particular train runs on time, or whether a particular terminal will be open at 3:00 am with a crane available and waiting to load or unload our rigs – or any number of other questions about situations that can lead to shipment delays and can cause re-scheduling problems with additional delays upstream.

At J.L. Rothrock Inc. we will never tell you not to worry about your shipments. If you are reading this, it may well be your responsibility to worry about them. What we will tell you is that you have come to the right place if you want your carrier to be as concerned as you are about your product and have the ability to get that product safely delivered at a reasonable price. We put the J.L. Rothrock Inc. name and reputation on the dotted line with each shipment we handle – and that dotted line is thousands of miles long!


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