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Fox Moving and Storage opened its doors right here in Nashville in 2007 and now, more than a decade later, we know as much as anyone that our growth is the direct result of the success of the city we call home. We’ve seen a lot of change in Nashville in the past decade, but one thing remains the same – Nashville is a generous and dedicated city. As we grow, so do our challenges and those who are rising to the occasion of overcoming those challenges need our support now more than ever. After all that our hometown has blessed us with, we at Fox Moving decided it was time to start giving back. And so, FOXCARES was born!

When we sat down at the drawing board to sketch out what our community giving program would look like, we knew a few things:

We knew that we wanted to contribute directly to organizations that do great work right here in our own backyard, we knew that we wanted to reach as many people with as many different needs as possible, and we knew that we wanted our customers to be able to participate.

What does all of this mean for Nashville and what does it mean for YOU?

Every month, Fox Moving and Storage will be donating $10.00 from every single move we complete to a Nashville area non-profit. We will be selecting a variety of hard-working organizations throughout the year to partner with and we are open to your suggestions because this is your program too! If you know of a local non-profit who could benefit from some extra help, contact us today. If you want to contribute, please recommend us for moving and storage services so that we can continue to Drive the Community Forward with EVERY Move!


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