I got my CDL in 2008. I wanted to try something new so I asked my father if I could join him in his trucking company, Ewa & Chester Trucking. He built this company, on his own, from the ground up. It was a 5-truck operation contracted by FedEx Ground. As I drove, I soaked up the management skills my dad showed me with passion. As an operations manager, I started to implement new ideas in hiring, safety, and operations. With a desire to grow the company, I started dreaming about a bigger operation, surrounded by an amazing team. When my dad decided to retire, I continued to dream about the perfect company. We decided to sell Ewa & Chester. After a successful exit my dad was able to relax, and I was able to focus on a new company. On November 14, 2013, Era Transport was born. Despite working long hours, driving, and maintaining the trucks, I was already thinking of buying and adding more units. I wanted to move fast, and with the support of my wife and kids, my passion for this industry my dream is slowly coming true. Today, I have an amazing team and the sky is the limit for Era.


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