Dupré Logistics


As a shipper, you face a new world of challenges that surround your brand and revenue streams. Dupré Logistics knows how to mitigate those risks and protect your brand in a world of rapid-fire change. We bring an adaptability to logistics that allows us to deliver in the face of any new challenge. But what truly sets our transportation services apart is how we do more than play defense. We know how to turn new supply chain dynamics into competitive advantages for our customers. By leveraging a unique mix of technology, processes, and culture, we can help you expand loyalty with current customers—and win new customers—by delivering in ways that others simply can’t. You can count on this level of service whether you choose our 3PL solutions, dedicated logistics, or fuel delivery. We’ve built our North American operations on best-in-class technology and an enterprise that spans more than 700 trucks, 1,000 professional drivers, and 16,000 preferred carriers.


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