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When Dino Vainalis founded the company in 1981, he did so knowing that to be the best you had to be at your best. That means honoring commitments. Treating your team, customers, and vendors with the utmost respect, and delivering a service that keeps our customers wanting to repeat the experience. He grew the business from a one-man trucking company to a leading logistics provider, and made Dino’s Logistics set the standards for reliability and quality of service. To this day, our founder’s values are the driving force behind every decision made.

How will environmental issues affect the logistics industry? What about higher fuel costs? What will the newest and greatest technology be that will help us become more efficient? These are just some of the questions Dino’s Logistics is already thinking about to ensure we are positioned for a long and successful future in the industry.

Our vision and strategy has always been clear; we want to be the best at what we do. We offer our customers valuable partnerships and the best possible basis for future growth. We understand you are under pressure to perform – to deliver greater efficiency and to ensure the most effective results are obtained from available resources – and that is not about to change anytime soon. Our stability and asset-base guarantees we will be here to help you meet those challenges head on.


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