CTW Transportation Services, Inc.


CTW offers sophisticated and flexible logistics and transportation solutions: warehouse, crossdock, transport, transload, repack, fulfillment and more. CTW offers up to food-grade storage and has been recognized as a BNSF Premier Transload Facility.

CTW’s earliest roots date back to 1897 with the formation of The Only Way Transfer Company. The company offered storage and horse-drawn transport solutions during Kansas City’s population boom during the Reconstruction Era.

In 1948, a young Kansas City businessman named Robert Winsky founded Consolidated Transfer & Warehouse, Inc.  In 1959, Winsky acquired The Only Way, and in 1965 he moved its operations into into a brand new warehouse on Taney Street.  Winsky later merged the companies to operate at Taney Street under the “CTW” name. CTW has been headquartered at that same Taney Street address ever since.

CTW has established itself as one of the most trusted logistics and transport providers in the Midwest.​

Most recently, to better serve its customers, CTW has pursued growth through real estate acquisition in partnership with BridgeCap Partners, a real estate investment firm based in Forth Worth. BridgeCap raises capital to buy the real estate while CTW provides a good home for employees and a smooth transition for customers. This allows independent 3PLs that own real estate to get good value for their real estate while ensuring the relationships they built over years are preserved. Please let us know how we can help your business.


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