Big Palm Inc


Big Palm Inc founder Shane Palmer has been in the transportation and service industry for 20 years. He has partnered with one of the logistics industry’s fastest growing Companies: King of Freight LLC.

Big Palm Inc. is in the business of developing and managing top freight industry brands like and King of Freight.  We are also committed to training new freight professionals.

Our freight agents are trained how to manage incoming and outgoing shipping logistics for cargo transportation carriers and shipping companies. We utilize the newest technology and train on our proprietary system to network and allocate resources to efficiently distribute cargo. We teach our agents how to help our customers determine and minimize shipping costs, find the most efficient shipping route and track the location of the cargo. Understanding that each agent’s primary focus is to act as a logistics specialist making sure that the most effective way of transportation of goods is utilized for each client. Everything from government regulations, costs, carrier storage, documentation requirements and even banking policies may fall under the responsibility of an agent.


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