Apex Transit


Apex Transit is a small family owned company that began as a dream of two brothers from Charlotte, NC, Stan and Serge Ivanov. After years of exposure to the transportation industry, they saw an opportunity to grow in the transportation industry and make an impact on the community. Stan and Serge both obtained a Commercial Driver’s License and learned firsthand what it is like to be out on the road. During hauls, they were exposed to the challenges that both drivers and shippers encounter daily and were able to see what worked and what did not. Through these personal experiences, the Ivanov brothers developed a vision for a transportation company that focuses on developing consistent relationships. Their goal was to create a company that not only addressed the needs of customers, but one that added stability to its valued drivers as well. Through persistent hard work and dedication Apex Transit has been able to forge long-term connections with customers and provide consistency that they can count on each week. Apex takes great pride in what they do and are excited for the opportunity to share its mission through action.


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