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ACCB is a full service Customs House Brokerage located in the heart of New York City. We specialize in Customs Brokerage services for Importers in the New York / New Jersey Ports of entry, and is also Nationally Licensed for customs clearance for All USA Ports. We handle all types of customs clearances including food and beverage products, chemicals, textiles and apparel, electronics, and automotive vehicles, scooter and e-bikes to name a few. We have over 15 years of experience in customs brokerage operations and, all our staff consists of licensed customs brokers who will be your direct contact to handle your import from start to finish.

Besides U.S. Customs Clearance, we also handle many difficult entry types which most other brokerage stay away from. We have special expertise in clearances for food related products such as FDA, USDA and Fish and Wildlife. Other government agencies we are experienced with are listed below.

  • FDA (food, cosmetics, food machinery, etc.)

  • USDA (food products with animal origin, live plants and plant products, etc) 

  • Fish & Wildlife (frozen or live seafood, leather consumer products, handbags, shoes, animal trophies etc.)

  • TSCA (liquid chemicals)

  • EPA (toxic chemicals, motor vehicle engines, etc.)

  • CPSC (children or baby products, garments and textiles, etc.)

  • FCC (cell phones, computer accessories, radios, radar, etc.)

  • Lacey Act (wood furniture, articles of wood, etc.)

  • NHTSA DOT (motor vehicles, automotive equipment, electric scooters, e-bikes, etc.)

ACCB Core Principles:

  • To provide honest and reliable customs brokerage services to Importers of any size, volume, or background.

  • To respond to the Importer’s inquiry and needs with urgency.

  • To help importers clear their shipments with professionalism, speed and accuracy.


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