I grew up in the heart of Idaho’s fresh potato market. It is difficult to remember a time when potatoes or shipping was not a part of my everyday life. As a boy I can remember tagging along to my Dad’s potato warehouse on the weekend so I could admire the big semi-trucks pulling in to pick up their truckloads of potatoes.

No one could have known that my childhood admiration of semi-trucks would develop into much more. I started my career in transportation for a large refrigerated fleet whose roots were also deep in potato hauling. Much of the knowledge I have today came from my days as a Fleet Manager of 50 trucks. I also took on other opportunities. I was as a freight coordinator for a time and then advanced into the Brokerage Department. Eventually these positions led me into sales and driver recruiting. I knew my passion was in trucking, yet I felt like I was missing a critical piece of experience, so I began to seek driving opportunities. Understanding the driver aspect of the industry has been a critical component to excelling in the industry.


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