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Like every new creature, from the beginning, lots of undivided attention was paid to S&L Cartage. In the increasingly competitive market of the trucking industry in Chicago, every step that we took was a strife that involved a lot of sacrifice and dedication.
I am glad and proud to say that this sacrifice paid off. Today, my company is a consolidated reality in our industry. We are proud of the composition of our customers, from the biggest actors to the smallest realities, and I can also proudly say, the same attention and respect being paid to all.
Constantly and methodologically analyzing all trends and evolutions of the transportation industry, we are looking for ways to adapt to the ever changing demands of our customers. As a result, we have seen cargo processed by us increase of 37%, compared to the same time last year, this regardless of our fleet increase of only about 20%. A major role in this is played with the introduction of a rapid and efficient expediters division, as well as optimization of our reloading procedures with the help of major lines we work with. I truly hope you find our new space on the web a clear picture of our operations, and I welcome you to visit us often to see all innovations we are introducing to better serve you.


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