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Our commitment to customer satisfaction makes Oz Moving & Storage the “Wizard of Moving”. After all, there’s no place like home!

It all started with one very unique moving truck in 1993. It wasn’t the DIY paint job that made this Oz truck unusual, but rather the phone number of the NYS DOT on the back (the agency that licenses and regulates moving companies). We encouraged anyone asking for a moving quote to call the DOT number, which would confirm we were a legitimate moving company in good standing. Why did we do this? To do what no other moving company was doing for the public at the time—educating them to protect them from scammers. It was the first step in our lifelong commitment to provide the best for our customers. Informed customers were much harder for fly-by-night moving companies to scam, and those who were still unlucky enough to get conned knew to report it to DOT.

We are proud to say this effort helped DOT and FBI pin down criminals, which led to local NYC movers cleaning up their act.


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