As a Charlotte asset-based expedited trucking company, we know that when our clients succeed, we succeed. Everything we do is done with passion, transparency, and a personal commitment to the people we serve and employ. For us, it’s about loyalty, reliability, and a commitment to our relationships. Our mission is to build a great company and enrich the lives of our employees.

It starts with family at MigWay. We are 2nd and 3rd generation families in the expedited trucking, storage, logistics, and shipping business, and we’re tirelessly committed to upholding our family’s legacy.

What’s more, when you work with MigWay — whether you’re a client or a driver — you’re treated like family. That means respect, transparency, and unwavering commitment to your success. We may run a tight ship, but you can’t take the family out of us.

Our clients know exactly where and when they need us to deliver: important details. We also know reliability can make or break a relationship and a reputation: that matters too. We deliver on the details so we can build the bigger picture.


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