Love Freightways, Inc.


Drivers chose Love Freightways, because we help them achieve their dreams by creating an environment where it is straightforward to generate wealth. We believe that balanced life leads to long term happiness within the company, therefore, our HR procedures are tailored to ensure a stable and healthy working atmosphere.

At Love Freightways, we are not just delivering the load from facility to facility, but also enhancing lives of our people, by providing them with a meaningful opportunity to which they can look up to every day. We have high understanding of supply chain management and awareness of time-sensitive freight.

The long-term business relationships that we have maintained with our customers create a consistent workload for all of our drivers. With the assistance of our machine learning algorithms, Love Freightways has managed to achieve great route optimization, keeping our customers happy with a fair deal, while reaching high profits. This is what separates us from a traditional brokerage. While maintaining a competitive advantage in this fast moving and challenging industry since 2011, we have truly experienced the field of logistics. Tough days have taught us to be patient, have the heart of a champion and to persevere.

We believe that people make the company and therefore we give thanks to our dedicated team of drivers, outstanding safety
department, administration and dispatch teams
, who made all of this possible. Their hard work, commitment and discipline allowed us to grow
as a unity and improve our standards in all areas. In addition, we are true to our name, we listen to our customers,
follow the market trends, value integrity and cherish leadership. As a team, we achieve more, so let’s write this Love story together.


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