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Due to Idaho’s drought conditions in 1902, James Randolph “J.R.” Compton and his wife Lillie transitioned from farming to establish the Independent Coal and Transfer Co. By 1908 they had expanded the “fleet” to 16 teams and wagons transporting freight and coal from rail yard to businesses. J.R.’s two son’s Michael and Thomas became the second generation operating the company and were instrumental in establishing the company name, Compton Transfer & Storage Co.  By the late 20’s motorized trucks had top performing speeds of up to 20mph, plenty fast for road conditions of the era. Mike’s business savvy allowed for rapid expansion of warehousing and trucking.  

Mike’s two sons joined the company after their military service. In 1955 Glenn returned from four years as a Naval Aviator and in 1958 Roger returned from active duty in the U.S. Army – the third generation was now in place to further expand the business.  Roger managed commercial trucking and warehousing and Glenn took over the household division.  Compton’s affiliated with Mayflower in 1948 expanding household good operations to the national market. Glenn and Roger successfully operated the Company after Mike’s retirement in 1969.  In 1975, Compton’s purchased their current warehouse located in the Boise Industrial Complex.  This transition created expansion room for the fourth generation of Compton’s to operate household business, commercial trucking and professional warehousing operations. Ties with Mayflower were sold and the Compton team ramped up commercial trucking and warehousing. After 43 years of outstanding service, Glenn retired in 1998.

The fourth generation are continuing the traditions of quality service and customer satisfaction.  Brett, Randy (“JR”), Scott and Mary Kay are launching the company into another era of growth. Compton continues to maintain close ties with transportation partners. Our close proximity to the interstate highway system saves transportation time and fuel. Maintaining our rail spur connection allows direct access to national and international customers. Our strong business connections and company focus on essentials allowed for successful navigation through the latest U.S. economic downturn. We continue to grow Compton’s commercial storage and trucking operations.  Compton’s has expanded into wood pallet repair operations and have migrated back into household goods market through operation of GoMini’s of Boise.

In Compton’s headquarters you will find a mural painted by the late Quinton Gregory of Boise, Idaho. On the left of the mural is a scene reminiscent of 1900’s with horse and wagon transporting goods to merchants. In the center is modern day freeway, auto’s and a semi-truck delivering household goods. The future, to the right, depicts space age buildings, sleek aerodynamic vehicles and of course a hover craft type flying machine delivering products of the future.



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