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We are a privately owned business that offers a variety of services throughout the continental United States. Our mission is staying loyal to our customers when providing the most reliable and cost-efficient solutions to their transportation needs. We believe that the best way to serve our customers is by offering an honest and best quality service to every customer. We pay close attention to detail and make sure that every request is met with care and concern. For this reason, our team members are well-trained, and our truck drivers have TWIC certifications as well as a number of years of tractor trailer experience. To ensure the safety of your product while in our care, we make sure to review and monitor our drivers’ records, stay in touch with them during transport, and provide them with any support necessary. Our services include but are not limited to freight forwarding, including flatbed transport of oversize loads — equipment and machinery, port delivery, yard and warehouse storage.

Atlantic Freight was founded in June of 2010. We started with just two trucks and within the first year, our fleet grew to five. At the end of the third year of operation, Atlantic Freight’s fleet increased more than five times with the number of trucks totaling more than 20. Currently, our fleet has a variety of heavy machinery allowing the company to provide our customers with the best quality service the money can buy.


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